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A Handy Dandy Calendar...

July 2024
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Security Update

Beware, we upgraded this server with the latest security packages. There were configuration changes. Please report any bugs!

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Current Work in Progress...

. Now it has moved into an overlay in that same cell but on top of the page rather than in it.

Sub Nav Bar - The sub nav bar is the first element on a page. It allows you to access the sub pages of a page. Hence the name sub nav bar. It is designed to replace the side navbar to accomidate the phone people.

Mail Alerts - email alerts when someone comments on your post or a post you commented on. as well as alerts for general happenings

New Biz Table - adding an overlay for comments that will be better at auto groth, when you make a really big one. Also, easier to accomidate for buttons and other artifacts. Keeps it neater.

Side Nav Bar - The side nav bar was, in the begining, a cell on the left side of the Content Table

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  • Reversed the order of comments in the oldBizTable so the oldest is on top.  Unfortunately, we now have a ghost.  It think the index is off.




    01/07/2023 16:36:03

  • Careful with the mail alerts... they'll fill you mail box. Still working on that.  The MailGun will solve a lot of those problems.




    01/03/2023 23:55:54

  • SubNavBar has been scrapped.  We now have the sideNavBar in an overlay.  Kinda nice... it's scrollable.  Check it out ( on the left)




    01/03/2023 23:52:26

  • The NewBizTable is actually been implemented.  The mouseOver event triggers it because of phones.




    12/29/2022 20:04:03

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This Site...

This is my personal site specifically designed for me... my fiends and family. All are still welcome. Be nice... be curtious... and read my Terms of Service.

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The New Dynamic Site...

This site is now powered by T-Handle and is completely Dynamic!. T-Handle is a template language that employs object handlers that mine data from databases to produce web pages. T-Handle produces the HTML code that is sent over the wire and only the data has to be maintained. Yea T-Handle!

Never heard of T-Handle... that's because I wrote it and the only place it's deployed is right here! T-Handle is not yet ready for public consumption... but it will be soon... real so soon!

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Summer is Coming...

Summer is fast approaching, the grass is getting green, leaves are forming on the trees and the Environmentalist Wacos are going to be screeming the earth is warming up!


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